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We go Beyond the Border in this story to ride along with Tijuana police officers after the city is named one of the most dangerous in the world.

​We went wall-to-wall after a gunman opened fire at Chabad of Poway. We were the only station there as the alleged gunman was taken into custody.

Thousands of migrants who want asylum in the United States are waiting in Tijuana. We investigate the process from arriving in the border city to crossing into the U.S.

I traced my family's history back to the 1700's and showed viewers how they can do the same for free. Then, I took a DNA test with surprising results.

A Mexican airline offered migrants $1 flights to return home to Central America. We spoke with one mother about why she is giving up on her hope for asylum and the message she is taking home to others considering the journey.

We tracked flight records to break the story that U.S. Border Patrol began flying asylum seekers to San Diego for processing amid a surge of cases along the southwest border.